Wednesday, September 2, 2009

When does inspiration strike for you?

It seems like lately inspiration keeps striking me at the most inconvenient times (thanks Murphy)! Like when I'm trying to sleep, driving, or like this morning while I was on my elliptical. I started getting a flood of ideas and found myself pedaling faster and faster to get finished so that I could jump off and write my ideas down before they disappeared forever! It has happened to me so many times in the past where I have an idea and think "oh I'll remember that easily since it's such a great idea" then of course I forget and my idea gets lost in the deep abyss of my mind! How do you keep your ideas organized? I'm now convinced that I need to start walking around with a notebook attached to my side at all times! Hmmmm, there's another idea right there (but I'm not sharing yet, it's too good you might just steal it...teehee). I use to never draw out my own sketches, but now I'm finding it so nice to have my own personal stash of ideas to go to instead of relying on somebody else's ideas as much as I love them!! So watch for me to post some of my own sketches with added layout examples and techniques in the near future. Here's a few of my most recent layouts to tide you over till then though. I do have a three year old, so it may take me a few days or more to get some fresh new TootsieAnn (my hubby's pet name for me) fodder uploaded. Oh and P.S., I want to give a huge top of my lungs shout out to my ever supportive, doting, and loving husband!!! He is my rock and one of my greatest sources of inspiration!! Luv ya to pieces JayBabe!!! Have a great rest of the week everyone!

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