Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's Paper Trunk's Birthday!!

Happy 4th of July America!!  I hope you all have fun and safe celebrations this weekend!  Did you also know that it is Paper Trunk's 3rd Birthday?  Well it is and they're giving away some party favors!  Hop on over to today's post at and get your name in for a giveaway!!

I have one more fabulous thing to celebrate with everyone...My husband has finally been discharged from the Navy and we are officially civillians! Hip, hip, hooray!!  To honor this glorious moment in our lives, I of course had to create a layout to preserve the memory of the day my husband came home and took off that uniform for the very last time!  Here's a little sneak of it, but to see more and read my post, head over to Paper Trunk's blog.

God Bless America and have a happy and safe Independence Day!