Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Urban Anthology's Got Talent Challenge

There is this great kit club that is having a design team contest.  They're called Urban Anthology and I love them! This design team application is unlike any I've seen thus far and it's quite unique!  There are two ways to play.  Option 1...try your luck.  Each week they will have a challenge that needs to be uplaoded the following Thursday in order to be voted on at Urban Anthology's blog.   The other option, to earn a place on their design team, is to do all of the weekly challenges in your own sweet time and have them turned in by October 22nd.  I am going to try my luck!  The first of five challenges was to scrapbook a layout about yourself describing your scrapping style and who you are as a scrapbooker.  It was a tricky challenge and dare I say...intimidating, even though this was about me!  So if you think I've got the right stuff, please show some love and vote for me this Saturday!! Thanks for looking and don't forget to vote for me!!

The journaling reads:

I am a scrapbooker, a “LIFE ARTIST.” On a perfect day, when not lost in my thoughts, you can find me working in my slice of HEAVEN ON EARTH….my scrap space! You may hear music the likes of John Mayer, Norah Jones, & Jack Johnson, streaming from my room. Relaxation And Creative Retreat is the name of the game here! If I’m lucky, it’s raining outside and I feel the wonderfully cool and crisp air flowing through the open window, drifting over a yummy scented candle and bringing its flavor to accompany the nearby bowl of chocolate and glass of wine. I wish I could tell you that I have a neat and organized space. I wish I could tell you that, but mine is more of an oRGANIZED cHAOS, as I tend to work with no care in mind to the MESS I’m creating for myself. I wish I could tell you that I will deal with it soon, but I procrastinate taking care of it in lieu of adding to my collection of creations. I imagine that in the fury of my work I look rather like the Chef From The Muppet Show; bits of paper flying all over the place as I cook up my next accomplishment!! Scrapbooking totally CONSUMES ME, it is on my mind constantly, a TRUE PASSION! I’m endlessly DAY DREAMING about layout sketches, color combinations and textures. I take inspiration from all around me, inspiration that sometimes seems to bombard me as i aM eASILY dISTRACTED bY bRIGHT, sHINY, aND cOLORFUL oBJECTS!! I don’t exactly believe a label could be placed on my scrapping style since I believe it is ALWAYS CHANGING AND EVOLVING, just as I grow as a person; getting older and wiser. I do tend to lean towards a wHIMSICAL look with a touch of SHABBY CHIC, lots of COLOR CONTRAST, bold TEXTURE, and heavy EMBELLISHING. When it comes to scrapbooking, I get such a release to let go and nOT bE aFRAID tO mAKE mISTAKES. I have too many fears to weigh me down in real life for that, so I like to TAKE RISKS WITH MY CREATIVITY and try new things! I don’t like to be fussy with my layouts, so if something is a little crooked, that’s okay with me, lIFE iS nOT aLWAYS oN tHE sTRAIGHT aND nARROW. Honestly though, I can say this isn’t so much a hobby for me as it is a way of remembering and LIVING LIFE CREATIVELY. Scrapbooking is one DAY DREAM that can and will always come true!!!

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous Carole! I love it! wow! What perfect journaling too!