Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Super Score!!

It seems as though I've been most lacking in my blogging skills this past week or so.  I've actually had quite a few projects that I'd love to share, but haven't been able to quite yet.  I also think that facebooking and blog hopping has taken up way too much of my time lately!  Anywho, I just had to come on here and brag a little about my latest super score.  My sister works at a lovely spice shop and they happend to have all these great glass jars, normally used for spices, that they needed to get rid of.  Well, good 'ol sis was thinking me (thanks again sis!!) and snagged a bunch of boxes of these wonderful gems.  I was so tickled!!  I got three whole boxes full! After running them through the dishwasher, it didn't take me long to figure out what to stash in them.  I decided to organize my ribbons and flowers by color.  Now it's so much easier to find what I need instead of surfing through a big ziploc bag full of ribbon scraps.  Plus it just looks so darn pretty!  What a score I tell ya and it made me a happy girl!

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