Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Bread-Day!

This past weekend was my little brother-in-law's 25th birthday.  I love this guy, but what do you get a 25 year old dude for his birthday, especially when you have no money?  Bread, that's what!  I've been playing around with this new bread recipe book called Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.  It's a wonderful book if any of you are interested.  Anyhow, we were sort of short of funds so I thought I'd just bake him a loaf of bread cause what guy doesn't love food, right?!  I didn't want to just give him a boring old loaf of bread though, so I decided to dress it up and make it a little more special and call it Happy Tasty Bread Day!  This crumbs for you (hyuck, hyuck, hyuck), Happy Birthday Garrett!!


My wonderful bread banner was created using Basic Grey's Nook & Pantry collection
and Jillibean Soup's corrugated letters.


  1. very fun and great idea!!!homemade is always best.

  2. yum home made is best made isnt it
    like that banner you have created, that is so cute