Monday, April 26, 2010

Moving?...Maybe Baby...

Hey there friends! I hope your day has been a good one, but here in our house we received some sad and frustrating news today.  Our moving plans have been delayed.  If you read one of my recent posts, I explained how we were about to start a new life and begin a journey outside of  the Navy, a long awaited dream.  Now, it appears we will have to put that dream on hold as the Navy is being complicated and dragging on the all to familiar military saying, "hurry up and wait!".  So California you'll have to wait for now and we will enjoy the Spring weather and maybe the Summer weather as well here in Washington.  Perhaps it was Murphy's Law seeing as my husband and I sat down and made some moving cards the other night.  We both made two cards using My Little Shoebox's "Away We Go" collection which is perfect for a moving card!  My hubby is just too darn cute in his support of my paper crafting and it was fun to get to create together.  So first thing I'm going to show you are the two cards created by my wonderful and loving hubby, Jay.

These next two cards were created my moi =)

Although we aren't moving quite as soon as expected, we will be moving eventually so I'll hang on to these cute cards and will probably have time now to make even more!  Until moving day actually arrives, I'll do my best to keep my chin up.  Thank goodness I have my scrapbooking to take my mind off things and keep me busy!!  Thank you My Little Shoebox for brightening my days with your cheerful papers!


  1. Sorry about the delay! These cards are fantastic! And what a great hubby you have to sit and make cards with you! :)

  2. Oh, the delay has got to be frustrating. Nothing like living in limbo. The cards, however, are adorable! I think it's wonderful you've got such a great supportive hubby, too. :)

  3. Way to cite Murphy on this Toots! I told you so... =)~ Can't wait to sit down and do some more, this time, no handwriting!

  4. awww sweet sweet cards. hate the wait. hopefully, all will fall into place.