Thursday, February 11, 2010

Puppy Love!

Happy almost Valentine’s Day from yours truly! Did you know that Kiki-Art has a fantastic paper line called Amor?

This year a new love walked into my life and his photos are a perfect match for these glittery fun papers that are chock full of darling hearts.

Mi Amor’s name is Jerry, he’s about 50lbs and as soft and cuddly as a teddy bear! He’s our new German Shepherd puppy. He was love at first sight, yet completely unexpected. It was the day before Thanksgiving when we arrived in California to spend the holiday with family. Not long after hoping out of the car and receiving hugs and kisses, we were told about a litter of puppies two houses down. You have to understand how excited I was. You should know that we have had two other German Shepherds in our life. The first one sadly died of a blood disorder after a simple routine spaying surgery. Her name was Jasmine and she was my first puppy love. She was my constant companion and got me through many of my husband’s Navy deployments. When we lost her, I was heartbroken.

About a year later we were given the gift of a new German Shepherd puppy. Unfortunately she didn’t work out for us, her temperament didn’t jive with our then one-year-old daughter. So here, we find ourselves two years later facing the possibility of getting another puppy. We were nervous that it might not work out again, but we took the risk of looking at the puppies. It was love at first lick and we knew instantly that Jerry was the one for us. We were so right, and he is perfect for our family and we couldn’t be happier with the new love of our life! Because he gives me the warm and fuzzies, I thought the Kiki-Art heart shaped chipboard album would be perfect for his puppy photos. As he gets older I’ll add more pages, but for now, I have six pages of adorable puppy love to share with you!


Kiki-Art papers: Amor, Familia, Jardin
Kiki-Art Amor heart bling
Kiki-Art Amor Chipboard album, heart shape
Kiki-Art fun tape
Kiki Art AMOR Chipboard Corazón
MAGICA Rainbow chipboards
FAMILIA Chipboard colores grande
FAMILIA Chipboard white big

Happy Valentines Day!

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